That One Time I Caught Herpes

The year is 2014. The month is December. Just a few days shy of Christmas and here I    am going through some of the worst pain in my life. I’m in the most uncomfortable positions. I    have a wisdom tooth coming in. I    have an outbreak going on.

I    have to work my whole work day and then go to the emergency room. Luckily my sister worked at the hospital I    went to, so she was able to pull some strings and I    was able to be seen a tad bit faster than others. Not to mention, I’m on my period. I    WAS GOING THROUGH!

So they finally call me back. I    had to fill out some forms and then I    was placed in a room. A male nurse and a woman trainee nurse came in. They wanted me to explain my symptoms. All that I    was going through, I    had to take off my clothes and show them. It was horrible because mind you, I’m on my period and experiencing my very first outbreak and now I    have 4 pair of eyes looking at my vagina.

One look and he told me “it’s herpes” Get dressed and I’ll be back. In my head I’m like damn. You don’t have any compassion. But you really can’t expect them to, they work in a hospital.

I    get dressed and he comes back with a prescription. I    took it to CVS and got it filled. My father came to meet me at the hospital. I    was so scared to tell him. But he was just like “Okay. that’s all”. He was so calm. I    figured herpes couldn’t be that bad.

I    took the pills for 7 days and everything was fine. I     didn’t have another outbreak until the summer of 2016.

Since my diagnosis three years ago, I    had watched countless youtube videos trying to figure out what this was that I  now have to live with. I    was scared to tell people at first because of what I    thought they would think about me. But I    told my best friend. She listened and continued treating me as the same person I’ve always been.

I    think the most important thing people need to know is that this is something anyone can get. You HAVE TO ask to get tested for herpes. DO NOT assume because you’re getting blood work, they’re testing you for it.

I    honestly do not know where this came from. At the time of diagnosis I    was in a committed relationship with someone who tested negative. But this virus can be in your body and lay dormant for years. You can be living with herpes right now and not even know it.

No I    am not contagious. No you can’t get it from me touching you, hugging you, etc. It is spread skin to skin. Meaning unless we are kissing or having sexual intercourse, you cannot get it from me.

With that being said, I    felt in my heart I    needed to write about this. I    needed people to know my story. I    need people to know they are not alone. This is not something that should keep you from living your best life, because GUESS WHAT, I’m living my best life. I    have since then graduated from college and I    now have a beautiful HEALTHY relationship.

One thing about it, you HAVE TO BE HONEST. Do not go around thinking because most people have a strain of herpes in their bodies, you can just not tell them. Be upfront with people and be honest.

Since being diagnosed, I    have met a beautiful young lady named Belize. I    found her on YouTube and we soon became Facebook friends. I    have hung out with her in real life because she too, lives in Atlanta. She even has a book available on Amazon called Overcoming What Can’t Be Cured: Living beyond herpes. For anyone who just can’t cope and need something to read. I    am also in a very supportive support group on Facebook for anyone who needs support from other women experiencing the same things. This group is not depressing at all and we talk about other things, other than herpes. We’ve already gone to New Orleans and had a blast.

I    hope someone can take something from this today. I’m not nasty. I’m not tainted. I’m just a regular human being who just so happened to get caught in a real life situation. It can happen to anyone. Look at Usher, he may or may not have it. But the point is, even if people didn’t know he’s still desired by most.

I’m no longer afraid to live in my truth. Each one, teach one. Knowledge is power.


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I am 26 years old. Originally from Washington DC, now residing in Atlanta Georgia. I'm just a millennial trying to live and survive in this messed up world. Come along with me on this ride and get into these real life stories of mine.

11 thoughts on “That One Time I Caught Herpes”

  1. Your so brave and I give you so much respect for that not that I didn’t have it already 👌🏽 but your one of the most realist person I’ve known that keep it 💯

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